How Older Workers Overcome Job Search Depression

Volunteering for local events and causes shows leadership potential and builds communication skills. Hiring managers look for candidates who go the extra mile to help others since it shows commitment and dedication, a valuable trait for any business. Look for local volunteer initiatives in your area, such as non-profits; they always need help from volunteers.

It can be easy to fall into depression when losing your job. We know this is easier said than done; life goes on and bills need to be paid. Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses, skills you have, skills you need, and even make a list of all the things you disliked about your old job. This exercise will help prepare you to move forward and even pinpoint the type of position and company you’re looking for. Supportiv does not offer advice, diagnosis, treatment or crisis counseling.

She works on both sides of the executive search spectrum from “hire to retire”, specializing in sourcing and developing hard-to-find candidates for executive search firms and international organizations. Occupational Psychologist, 15 years’ experience managing assessment and competency programmes in the Talent Management process of multinational companies . The management of career transition and outpacement projects. With a background in Ancient languages, Jocelyne has had diverse experience in customer facing functions in Telco, postal services and retail sector before moving into the learning and development function.

By reaching out, you’ll keep your name top of mind and you’ll help do some of the heavy lifting for the hiring manager. Reaching out to your connections, meeting new ones, and building relationships may lead to your next role. Spend two hours/day browsing for jobs and applying to your top picks. Start with one in the morning and one in the afternoon. You’ll see what’s out there and won’t miss anything new.

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Join a trusted community or association so you don’t feel like you’re the only one going through this. If you have negative people in your life who subtly put you down when you get rejected, you must remove them. To stay motivated, you must surround yourself with the right people. Surround yourself with positive people, not negative people. For example, if they saw a setback like not getting an offer after an interview as a challenge instead of failure, they were more likely to get a job down the road.

  • You can shake those unwanted feelings, start feeling like yourself again, and land the job you were always meant for.
  • The job search process in itself can be challenging — ask anyone who’s experienced a job loss and has had to start looking for their next job.
  • The key is to not let your frustration overshadow your career goals and to turn every challenge into an opportunity.

In January, Kate Kemp lost her job as a creative director in New York due to a corporate restructuring. Monster asked her to write about her life after a layoff (we’ve all been there, right?).

Job Search Depression Is Real, And We Need To Talk About It

It’ll also help you keep all of your priorities and responsibilities in balance. Being too hard on yourself can hinder the job search process.

“This can be a longer road and a more intense process than you expect, but you have to keep going. Searching for a new job can be a full-time job, It’s a thankless, tiring — and, yes, depressing task. If you’ve recently lost your job and are feeling depressed, you’re not alone. According to the Douglas Foundation, 78% of Canadians who have lost paid employment since the beginning of the pandemic show signs of depression. Your struggle with depression, and the tools you’ve used to manage your mental health, can actually be framed in a positive light to prospective employers, Heath says.

why is the job search depression

Unfortunately, feeling down about your job can affect other areas of your life. Feeling hopeless about your job search can go beyond your career planning. It can extend into your personal relationships and your self-growth. Unfortunately, job search depression is a vicious cycle. The COVID-19 pandemichas exacerbated Job Search Depression Exists and It Has to Be Addressed this even more, with many people losing their jobs and struggling mentally as a result. Monique provides thought leadership and advises on leadership development, career and talent management, work-life integration, mindfulness, and well-being. She is a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review.

Quarantine Didnt Make People Any Nicer

Mentor’s role is to see and help grow the tree within acorn. What are the qualifications and experience of any coaches? If you are feeling disheartened or depressed you will definitely need someone who is skilled and knowledgeable about dealing with this. In the interests of transparency, you should be willing to share how you feel or if you are taking medication. It makes it easier for the coach to know if they are the best fit for your needs. If you can’t pin point and name your emotions, a certified coach will help you do that.

why is the job search depression

Don’t lose sight of the effort it takes to transition into a new career. This will keep you focused on specific tasks, which will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed and defeated. You should also keep a folder with your tailored resumes and cover letters. You should have a running spreadsheet of the companies and positions you’re interested in. Organizing your job search is imperative to keeping track of your progress.

Give And Get Support Throughout Your Career Journey

Before you know it, your fruitless days of searching have turned into weeks, and the weeks have turned into months. There are a lot of factors that can contribute to the development of job search depression. In addition to the overall frustration of not landing a job, financial stress, feelings of inadequacy, anger, anxiety, and uncertainty are also often.

why is the job search depression

If your job search has you feeling down, anxious, or pessimistic, you’re not alone. Use these six easy steps to lessen your job-hunting depression and get back on track now. Don’t let your feelings of hopelessness about your job search cause burnout and emotional exhaustion. To prospective employers, job seekers with a positive attitude appear more capable.

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Your routine, identity and sense of self worth can all be affected — not to mention your financial security. If you’re a parent, take a cue from the many stay-at-home mothers and fathers who become involved in their children’s school activities or local community events. They join neighborhood organizations, local PTA boards, and other organizations to feel needed and foster a sense of community. Visit your local gym and join one of their weekly activity programs. Many gyms offer swimming, racquetball, and other healthy activities. Some even offer game nights, movies, and other leisure events where you can make new friends and socialize.

  • Monster asked her to write about her life after a layoff (we’ve all been there, right?).
  • Expertise and research – leadership/women’s leadership.
  • Then ask how they’re doing, and if they happen to know anyone hiring.
  • Spend time with positive people who will build you up, not negative Nellies who want to knock you down.

Senior strategy and operations executive with 20 years multi-national experience in strategic planning, operations and programme management, for global distribution and investment management businesses. It’s not a personal rejection; you just aren’t what they need today. It’s true that depression due to job loss could be different from other types of depression, but the treatment is much the same. If you see reckless behavior in others, or start feeling that way yourself, seek the help of a healthcare provider immediately. Depression’s causes aren’t fully understood, but we do know that it can be triggered by many things, including both internal predispositions, and external triggers ranging from dreary weather to job loss. While the inclination may be to shelve the search, job-hunting IT leaders can do a number of things to reboot in such situations and better set themselves up to find their next position.

I didn’t have enough experience, or other candidates possessed more relevant skills, or the company decided to go in a different direction. Sign up to get job alerts relevant to your skills and experience.

If you’re finding it hard to socialize, start small, Dr. Norris said. Online communities and support groups are good places to start, as are clubs and networking events in your area.

You can be the perfect candidate on paper, but maybe you don’t have that much chemistry with the team. Or maybe you wake up one day ready to find a job, but there’s a drought of openings in your area. Think of when to wake up, where you’ll look for jobs, how you’ll approach applications, and what skills can use some improvement .

If you’re having a particularly bad day, remember to be gentle with yourself. Instead of networking, perhaps you can spend some time building a list of organizations and people of interest for future contact. For this strategy to be most effective, you should also ensure that the steps you take are ones that will bring you the highest odds of success. A lot of people don’t realize this, but applying to job advertisements can be a pretty fruitless strategy. Furthermore, during this time of economic strain employers often receive double or triple the number of applications they normally receive for advertised roles. In contrast, networking with your friends, acquaintances, former colleagues, and new connections can be a much more dynamic approach. Breaking down your job search into smaller, more manageable tasks, will make the process less daunting.

Again, keep in mind that you are in no way obligated to share this information. But if the opportunity arises, and if you feel comfortable, know there are occasions when being open may actually help you land a job you’ll thrive in. “You’d be surprised at what honesty and an optimistic view toward the future will get you,” Heath says.