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On the second stint, Chris’ Lada and Paddy’s MG managed to close in on Freddie’s slow Beetle, only to be halted by holiday traffic. Despite arriving first, Paddy won by just four seconds off Chris’ elapsed time. After some deliberations, the west kype farm presenters decided that classic cars aren’t the best option for new drivers due to lack of safety features. In an effort to fix the tractor’s slow speed, Matt and Chris headed to the “Top Gear Agricultural Technology Centre”, where Matt builds a custom tractor with a 500 hp Chevrolet V8 engine, dubbed the “Track-tor”.

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The Peugeot required garage repairs, prompting the presenters to stay the night. During a river crossing, Freddie had to tow Chris and Paddy’s stuck vehicles. On the way, Freddie revealed that he still kept the BRAT’s original petrol engine to beat the range anxiety.

May’s Lotus was cramped and Hammond’s design was cumbersome and impractical. Challenges included driving to a camp ground in Polzeath, Cornwall, changing into a wet suit inside the campervan, sleeping, ‘going to the bog’ in their campervans, and cooking a meal. Later, the three took a trip to a beauty spot in Hartland in North Devon where Hammond and May ‘accidentally’ rolled Jeremy’s Citroën over a cliff.

  • Finally the presenters decided to form a stunt driving team in front of a live audience at the Essex County Fair , they all collided almost immediately.
  • Hammond bought a 1987 model for £1,600 with 94,318 miles on the odometer, aftermarket wheels, aftermarket alarm, a lower suspension and extra locks.
  • Many Australian police departments use the 300 SRT as a patrol/pursuit vehicle.
  • The last Eclipse to roll off the assembly line was built on 16 August 2011, painted Kalapana Black, its color was chosen by members of Mitsubishi’s Facebook community, who picked from a historical Eclipse color palette.

The Limited model included the Touring model’s 3.5 L V6 engine, generating 250 hp and 250 lb⋅ft (339 N⋅m) and either a 4 or 5 speed transmission depending on the year and drive configuration. Additional features included 18-inch chrome-clad aluminum wheels, anti-roll bars. The second generation 300 was marketed as the Chrysler 300C in the United Kingdom and Ireland and as the Lancia Thema in the remainder of Europe. To the present day, the Chrysler 300 is one of the few products that remain from the DaimlerChrysler era of corporate mergers. In the previous series, the presenters planted their own biofuel crop, which was rapeseed. However, due to an ordering blunder made by James May they accidentally made 500 gallons worth of biodiesel.

Research data from the mid-2000s suggested that luxury SUV buyers did not consider traditional luxury cars (e.g. sedans and coupes), therefore the SUV is becoming the key to bringing new customers to the luxury dealerships. The history of a brand and the exclusivity of a particular model can result in price premiums compared to luxury cars with similar features from less prestigious manufacturers. The next category of luxury cars is known in Great Britain as a “luxury saloon” or “luxury limousine,” and is known in the United States as a full-size luxury sedan, large luxury sedan, or flagship sedan. It is the equivalent of the European F-segment and German Oberklasse segment.

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They succeeded in removing the roof from a 1996 Renault Espace and replaced it with a canvas fold-down top. The resulting vehicle was able to travel at 100 mph without losing its roof, and was driven through an animal park without any incident. However, a trip through a car wash resulted in the brand-new million-pound wash facility catching fire.

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A 3.0 L VM Motori V6 turbodiesel is also available in Europe, and Australia.Beginning with the 2012 model year, all V6 models were equipped with the 8-speed 845RE Chrysler Torqueflite automatic transmission, licensed from ZF Friedrichshafen. The next challenge featured the lorries speed limiters removed, in a race around the two-mile bowl of Millbrook to see which was fastest; Hammond won with his lightweight ERF hitting 90 miles an hour. The fourth test had each presenter attempt to perform a hill start with their vehicles, and to encourage them, prized possessions were placed behind each of their lorries. Jeremy, with his drum kit placed behind his lorry, was successful as his vehicle had a crawler gear, although May and Hammond promptly ran over and smashed the drum kit. Oliver, Hammond’s restored Opel Kadett from the Botswana adventure, was placed behind his lorry and he eventually forfeited rather than risk crushing it.

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Paddy got eliminated first, pitting Chris against Freddie all the way to final round – won by Freddie; Chris veered off the track after he a nudge from Freddie. They drove 20 miles to a motocross track for a timed lap challenge while their cars were rigged with “low friction, synthetic sweat substitute” to simulate moist conditions caused by sweating. Chris finished a full lap in 1 minute and 45 seconds, while Freddie completed the course in 1 minute and 48 seconds. The trio were then required to lap the Top Gear Test Track in their cars, trying to match the Stig’s time done in a modern BMW 325i. Clarkson recorded the fastest time despite blowing his engine, followed by Hammond and then May. After that, the three cars were filled with helium and the presenters were required to sit in them to test for leaks.

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Despite the increased popularity of crossover models, traditional luxury SUVs remain in production. Occasionally, a luxury car is initially sold under a mainstream marque and is later rebranded under a specific luxury marque (for example the Hyundai’s Genesis to Genesis G80 as well as the Citroën DS to DS 5). In 2004 and 2005, Greg Collier won the NASA Super Unlimited class national title in a Plymouth Laser RS Turbo. These wins were over purpose built Ferrari Challenge and Porsche Carrera Cup race cars. An option to add a dual exhaust and projector H.I.D. headlamps also became available.

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Paddy charged at a local neighborhood, while Chris and Freddie charged at the local service station; Paddy’s method left him hours behind schedule. Their next challenge is a handling test based on the classic buzz wire children’s game at the Daytona Tamworth go kart track, where each presenter receives an electric shock if they nudge the barriers. Paddy went first and clocked 1 minute and 11.59 seconds, followed by Chris at 1 minute and 14.25 seconds and Freddie at 1 minute and 6.56 seconds.